About Us

Thanks so much for checking us out! Since you care enough about what we’re doing to look at our About Us page, let us tell you a little bit about who we are, what we do – and why we do it!

A brief history of Donut Bouquets

The idea of Donut Bouquets was an answer to a simple question – what do you get someone who doesn’t like flowers?

This was the dilemma that Co-Founder Roshni had found herself in when trying to buy a birthday present for her partner (and Co-Founder) Peter.

It was from this predicament that the idea of Donut Bouquets was conceived, and after a bit of experimentation with a few packets of Sainsbury’s donuts, Rosh and Peter realised they were on to something special.

Launch & Crazy Viral Explosion

Once the decision was made to start the business, the real work began. We needed a website, we needed branding, we needed packaging – and who’s going to make the donuts?!

We finally launched in September 2017 and thanks to a little help from our friends at TimeOut London our Donut Bouquets were the talk of the internet – gaining millions of views in a number of days.

Since launching we’ve been lucky enough to be featured across numerous platforms amassing over 20 million combined views. 

Needless to say, we could not be more excited by the response and what was intended to be a quirky side business quickly became a full time job.

New products & looking to the future

After lots more experimentation and getting as much feedback from customers as we could, we have now launched a variety of Donut Bouquet flavours as well as our new Treat Boxes.

We love how excited people are by our products and are constantly looking for ways to improve and provide people with a fun, quirky alternative to conventional gifts.


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